How do I know what my Refill Plan charge will be?

Let’s do some quick math. Don’t worry, we’re talking addition and multiplication, not algebra and trigonometry.

With a Refill Plan, a Truman’s refill cartridge = $3.75

Truman’s refills always ship 4 per cleaner = $15

If you like all 4 of our cleaners, your charge for Refill Kits will be? That’s right, $60 (or $10/month). Great math-ing! And best of all, you’ll have enough of each cleaner to last about 6 months without creating a pyramid of bottles under your sink.

You can always pause your subscription, order extras (in quantities of 4) or remove certain cleaners from your Refill Kit. This $60, charged every 6 months, is simply our base plan. View your account settings here.