Subscription Questions

  • Can I order glass or other cleaners only?

    Yes! If you still poop in an outhouse and want to drop the bathroom cleaner, that’s your business. After ordering a Starter Kit + Refill Plan, you can remove any cleaner types you don’t want to receive. If you order the standalone Starter Kit, you can choose which refills you'd like to receive fr...
  • How can I change the frequency of my Refill Plan?

    You can customize your Truman's Refill Plan anytime by logging into your account and clicking "My Subscriptions", or you can order additional 4-packs on the website or by texting 415-TRUMANS (878-6267).
  • How do I know what my Refill Plan charge will be?

    Let’s do some quick math. Don’t worry, we’re talking addition and multiplication, not algebra and trigonometry. With a Refill Plan, a Truman’s refill cartridge = $3.75 Truman’s refills always ship 4 per cleaner = $15 If you like all 4 of our cleaners, your charge for Refill Kits will be? That’...
  • How do I manage my Refill Plan?

    You can view your Refill Plan details here. If you need more refills before your next shipment arrives, order here or text 415-TRUMANS (878-6267).
  • How often are Truman's refills delivered?

    After ordering your Starter Kit + Refill Plan, you'll receive Refill Kits after 45 days that includes 4 refill cartridges for each cleaner. We’ll send Refill Kits every 6 months after that, 'til death do us part. (Or, you know, until you change your delivery schedule.) Overachievers can order mor...
  • When is my next refill delivery coming?

    You can view your account details here.
  • Why are refills shipped in 4 packs?

    Truman’s is taking the clutter out of cleaning. By minimizing shipments, we reduce the carbon footprint of our operation (less packaging and fuel used) and keep prices low. It’s a win-win, unless you hate Planet Earth and saving money. Then it’s a lose-lose. You can also customize your delivery s...