Product Questions

  • Are any of Truman's products disinfectants?

    Truman’s products are 100% non-toxic, so we do not offer any disinfecting products at this time. Please sign up for emails in the footer of our website to stay up-to-date on all of our latest offerings. We promise not to copy The Gap and send you a dozen 50% off coupons per day.
  • Are the refill cartridges recyclable?

    Yes! Recycle yours and make Santa’s nice list.
  • Are Truman's cleaners biodegradable?

    Yes. The safer surfactants in our products break down quickly to non-polluting compounds. Boom. Science.
  • Are Truman's products safe for children?

    Pods and powders have a high-rate of accidental ingestion, so we chose a friction-sealed design for the Truman's cartridge. When combined with the water in your Truman's bottle, each concentrate cartridge creates a 27-ounce non-toxic and biodegradable formula that's safe to use in homes with babi...
  • Can I fill water above the designated fill line?

    No, that’s why we designated a fill line. :)  Doing this will prevent the refill cartridge from properly releasing the concentrate.
  • Does The Glass Is Always Cleaner work on tinted windows?

    Yes! Because it doesn't contain butyl, alcohol or ammonia, you can enjoy privacy AND cleanliness. And they said it couldn’t be done!
  • Does the refill water need to be a certain temperature? Do I need to have soft water for it to work?

    No and no. But for good measure, let’s avoid using frozen or boiling hot water.
  • Do I need to clean my Truman's bottle before reusing it?

    When you're ready for a refill, please rinse your bottle thoroughly to prevent bubbling. However, there's no need to clean it. It does have cleaner in it, after all. :)
  • Do I need to shake the bottle to mix the refill with the water?

    No. Since you were kind enough to fill the bottle with water, let us handle the rest. The concentrate will release and mix with the water once you twist the sprayer into the bottle.
  • Do your bottles contain BPA or phthalates?

    They do not! We want Truman's bottles to be the last you ever clean with, so we made sure they were as safe as the formulas they hold. You can thank us later. Or now. We're also good with instant gratification.
  • How are Truman's products tested?

    Carefully. Diligently. Professionally. Ethically. Truman’s doesn’t test its products on even the dirtiest of animals.
  • How big are the refill cartridges?

    I think you meant to ask “how small are the cartridges?” They’re about half the length of a hot dog, or 3.5 inches for you mathematicians. In fact, a decade’s worth of Truman’s refills can fit in a standard kitchen drawer.
  • How do I clean my sprayer?

    A sprayer typically won’t need to be cleaned, but, if you’re especially dirty, you can wash it with soap and hot water.
  • How do I replace damaged bottles or sprayers?

    If your Truman's bottles or sprayers are damaged (in transit or in use), don't worry! We warrant them for life and will send you replacements anytime. Except the middle of the night. We are neat freaks, not insomniacs.
  • How many ounces of formula does each Truman's bottle contain?

    After you fill the Truman's bottle with water to the designated fill line and add the refill cartridge, you'll have 27-ounces of non-toxic awesomeness on your hands! Well, hopefully on your surfaces, but they are safe to touch :)
  • I’m having trouble with a really nasty grease build-up. What would you recommend I do?

    Everything and the Kitchen Sink is a degreaser and works best when allowed to sit on the soiled surface. After spraying the surface, cover it with a slightly damp paper towel for 5 to 10 minutes, then wipe it away. If that still doesn’t solve your issue, try a more abrasive tool like a scraper wi...
  • Is Truman a vegan?

    He's not a real person, but if he was, we think he would be. But the Truman's products do not contain any animal byproducts!
  • Is Truman's organic?

    The product is not considered organic, but we did carefully choose each ingredient to guarantee a great, non-toxic clean.
  • What are the smells?

    You smell it, too? Oh, you meant the cleaners. That’s awkward.  The Glass Is Always Cleaner: Fragrance-free deodorant (scentless) Floors Truly: A flowerbed Everything and the Kitchen Sink: A garden More Shower to You: Citrus
  • What if I want to add 2 cartridges to 1 bottle?

    Just how dirty are you?! Our refills are concentrated and prepared for the recommended dilution rate, so we don’t recommend using more than 1 per bottle. You can technically do this, but you can also technically draw a mustache on the Mona Lisa. Both would be destroying a masterpiece.
  • What is the expected life of the Truman's bottle?

    The plastic bottle does not disintegrate. If you ever stop cleaning with it, we recommend recycling or repurposing it. Flower vase, anyone?
  • Where are Truman's products made?

    Just like "The Boss," Truman's is born in the USA with all cleaners manufactured in Toledo, OH. Their accompanying packaging is all built in North America.
  • Where can I find the ingredients of your product?

    When combined with water, all of our concentrate cartridges create non-toxic and biodegradable formulas! We chose our ingredients using the cleangredients list (, and you can view them on the pages below. Go ahead...soak it up. (Not literally.)
  • Why is my concentrate not mixing all the way through the bottle?

    First, ensure your sprayer is twisted tightly into place. It needs to be locked onto the bottle before the concentrate will release. And sometimes the concentrate just needs a little nudge in the right direction, so try tilting your bottle if it still hasn't mixed. Filling your Truman's bottle ...